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Practical Workshops Part II

Practical Workshops Part II

Series of Practical Workshops 
English for English teachers Part II
Target audience: English teachers
Workload: 40 academic hours
Series of practical workshops English for English Teachers is designed for enthusiastic English teachers who are committed to their jobs and would like to constantly develop both professionally and personally. The series is divided into 2 parts:
  • 1 academic hour: Each English teacher who is taking part of the series will show at least one demo lesson where other participants will play roles of students, with trainer observing from aside and taking notes for further analysis;
  • 1 academic hour: analysis of the lesson from the point of view of the language, lesson planning, use of resources, managing the teaching and learning process and classroom management.
Total Workload: 80 academic hours
The completion of the series will enable English teachers to
  • Improve the efficiency, effectiveness and fun-component of their lessons;
  • Approach with confidence such international qualifications as TKT Theoretical, TKT Practical, CELTA, ICELT;
  • Find new approaches to their students;
  • Discover new teaching resources, activities;
  • Get inspired!
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